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Hey all, sorry to inform you that I have fallen victim to my lack of knowledge of the computers that we so depend on for daily life these days.  I was gonna post a new painting for you to see along with this post, but, to my dismay, I cant seem to get to my photos that are stored in the "cloud" and am still trying to figure out just what I'v done wrong!!!!  Hopefully that within the next week, I'll get to it and will blog again soon with some new pics. 

Btw, I had a great weekend at the French Quarter Fest and then a week later at the Artgarden

Floating gallery on Frenchmen St. here in NOLA.  Sold several pieces and so now I have to get busy with coming up with some new pieces!!  This weekend, I'll be attending a workshop with Iain Stewart, a renowned watercolorist, for an intense workshop in landscapes and architecture.  Hopefully, I'll have several new pieces to show when I return to the site for a blog.  Thanks.

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