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  For anyone who may take a look at this site you'll already know how lax I am in updating it!!!  LOL!!  Anyway, since my last blog post, my husband and I have been traveling everwhere.  Last March we visited Egypt, from Cairo down to Aswan and then cruised up the Nile back to Cairo.  You never forget when you stand in front of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx!!  Then we flew to Prague and cruised up the Elbe through some beautifil German countryside.  Now so far this year 2019, we have been to the Netherlands and Belgium in Apr., then last month we went to Russia--from Moscow we cruised up to St Petersburg visiting many charming towns and villages.  One of my favorite sights as an artist was to behold the interior of the church called Church of the Spilled Blood.  The entire interior is made of tiny tesserae of glass mosaics.  Some 70K feet of it!!!  Just breathtaking!!!

  Ive had a chance to take many many photos for use of joy and sketching for future pieces of watercolor.  The pieces that Ive posted today are just a few sketches that Iv done over the past few months.  Some of them were done as commissions adn some were just to see if I could !!!!!!

  Hope you enjoy and I'll do my best to follow up with better and more frequent posts.  Have a great cool summer.

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