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Hello all,

  Hope this finds you not dealing with the heat that we are down here in Louisiana!! Whew! Its hot and, luckliy, we are in the time of year that we get afternoon rain showers that cool things of . . . but only a bit, though!

  If you are following my blog entries(I know few and far between) you may know that I sometimes get a chance to let on to what Ive been crfeating over a few weeks or months.  Take a look at the most recent entries and see what you think.

  BTW, I"ve once again had a chance to display and sell my art at a local restaurant called Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, located on S. Carrollton Ave. in the Riverbend area of New Orleans.  Its right on the streetcar line so its easy to get to from downtown.  I have 19 pieces there on display and all are for sale!!  There is something for most all folks to look at, appreciate and buy!!  Thanks for taking a look!

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